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Whether you're a service client or not, Amazon Pool Service & Repairs can help you when you need a repair.

Our service is prompt and professional. We have over 30 years in combined pool repair experience waiting to serve you when you need it most. We can handle:


  • Pumps


  • Filters


  • Energy-saving systems


  • Timers


  • Heaters


  • Pool/spa lights


  • Plumbing and leaks


  • Automatic cleaners and vacuums


  • Automatic water levelers


  • Salt systems


  • Filter grids and cartridge replacement


Of course, we can also help you with green pool cleanup and other services. And if you're a weekly service customer, we'll keep an eye out for any necessary repairs or special services you may need, then give you the option of how to handle it. And, as our customer, you can get better deals on parts than you'd get at a specialty pool store.

Pool Repairs

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