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Weekly Service

With Amazon Pool Service & Repairs, you get a premium pool service that's still reasonably priced. With no contracts, we'll work to earn your business. When other pool guys dash in and dash out, we take our time to make sure everything is right, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We do all of this each week:




  • Brush all walls, steps and benches

  • Net debris from water surface

  • Empty pump and skimmer baskets

  • Vacuum pool floor as needed

  • Visually inspect equipment and lubricate parts as needed




  • Test water chemistry for pH, chlorine, and alkalinity

  • Add chlorine, acid, or soda ash as necessary to properly sanitize and balance the water- no hidden charges for the most-used chemicals



As Needed


  • Backwash filter

  • Clean salt cell with acidic solution

  • Adjust pool timer seasonally to optimize utility usage

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